Moringa can be consumed in a variety of ways.
       Do you have a coffee maker? Just substitute moringa powder for the coffee. Use one tsp of moringa for every cup of water. Spoon it in the coffee filter just like you would coffee. This is a delicious green tea that goes well with snacks, meals or by itself. Add some lemon peel and a little honey for a stimulating nutritious beverage.
       The powder can be used to make traditional sauces as they do in Africa. Powder is also a powerful addition to those blended drinks and shakes that have become popular for health conscious people in the United States and elsewhere. Powder can also be added to soups and vegetable dishes to provide additional sources of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

       The fresh leaves make a tasty addition to any salad and are a suitable substitute for any spinach dish. Leaves can be mixed with other vegetables to make goulash or vegetarian casseroles.

The dried leaves make a superb green tea. You may use the dried leaves as a substitute for dried parsley.
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